Empower your employees with robotic assistants
Meet Jenny, she is Track and Trace expert at

Jenny is from Northern Virginia, where her hosting server is up and running 24/7.

The photo of Jenny has been generated by a GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) The person on the photo never existed, but the Jenny's work is real.

Feel free to drop a free-text email to and she will reply with short instructions on how to start using our T&T tools.

It's super exciting and free to test.

How It Works
Send us your boring task
Let's say you need to get track and trace status for 100 containers operated by your company. Doing it manually is boring and time-consuming. The more efficient way to deal with the task is to simply send a list of containers to our robot by e-mail.
Our robots never sleep
Robotic assistants are deployed on protected servers across Europe, Asia, and North America. They are up and ready 24/7. Whenever robot receives an email from you it starts processing the request. In tracking case robot will go through the multiple shipping lines' websites and collect current statuses.
Processed file delivered
When the task is completed, you will get the processed file back into your mailbox. No special technical skills are required, it's like having a personal assistant sitting next to you. Our robots have several pre-programmed logistics skills and can be further customized for your specific tasks.
Here is what our robots do
We pre-programmed common logistics repetitive tasks, so you can start using these skills without any setup
Track and trace
The robot goes through multiple shipping line tracking portals and collects current positions of your cargo, next milestones, ETA.
The robot searches for the best offers for the list of origins and destinations, retrieving terms from multiple logistics marketplaces.
Systems update
The robot can update your pricing account in Freightos or upload bulk data updates to Cargowise. Data entry tasks are classic candidates for robotic automations.
Customized robots based on specific requirements of your company is what we love to do. The process can cover limitless tasks in the backend, but your employees will still enjoy the easiness of dealing with the assistant as if the robot is just an office colleague.
Let us introduce you a robot!
The best way to start the automation of your business is to see our robots in action.